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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

A Luxurious Organic Body Oil

Why choose Mariana J? Hand blended from the finest Australian ingredients. Delicately scented with pure essential oils. No synthetics. No pesticides 100% natural. 100% vegan. No plastic packaging. If your body is a temple, anoint daily with Mariana J aromatic oil. The perfect blend of nature and luxury. Intended to nourish, uplift and bring joy. Handcrafted for you. Designed to share.

10 Uses for Mariana J Body Oil

 • Every day natural moisturiser

•  Soothe and heal dry, red, cracked and inflamed skin

• Luxurious massage oil

• Chemical free perfume

• Bath oil

• Beard oil and aftershave for men, alleviates beard irritation 

• Gentle and soothing on shaving rash of any kind

• Natural and moisturising makeup removal (macadamia oil is suitable to use on your face as it can regulate oil and is non-greasy)

•Moisturise dry hair and tames frizziness, help alleviate itchy scalps

• Pregnancy safe, massage on pregnant tummies, natural alternative to bio oil.


"The Jasmine and Sandalwood is my favourite, it's intoxicating. I always use it as a bath oil because it coats your skin leaving it silky soft and smelling great." - EMILY

"Absolutely gorgeous organic products! So good you could almost eat them! And beautifully and sustainably packaged, makes a very special gift!" - MARGARET

"Obsessed with these oils, I use them every day and my skin thanks me for it." -MIA 

 "Mariana J oils are simply heavenly. My body feels nurtured, stimulated and renewed every time I treat myself with these beautiful organic products. The aromas are divine and unique. I LOVE Mariana J." -SOO 

"I’ve been using Mariana J Body Oil for about 6 Months and not only does it smell wonderful but it has cleared up my shaving rash that has bugged me for so long! The oil is of the highest quality and has really helped my skin. Thanks Mariana J." -DAN